Internet and similar interpretations

In my young years, we had real craftsmen who wanted to sell something, put a newspaper advertisement, built a kiosk in the markets, or relied on a whisper among the people. But today? This is still the same internet, computer, "Noutpork" and at all, today's generation no longer knows the honest work. And the last few that I report to myself, we are only dying because we cannot adapt to our day. But I am fortunate enough to be a worthy grandnepper who studies the computers and created me, as he said, the computer pages on which I can advertise my ceramic products, my workshop and let me know where people can buy my creations.
But how do people find her?
I mean the page. The grandboy was so nice to explain to me what is SEO optimization and agreed to me at one company creating a set of PR articles that helped high attendance of my portfolio. At least somehow he named it. I do not know exactly what this was, but it is only right that there are people who understand it, and which I do not understand, we can turn to the computer.

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