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The On-trend Interior Colors of 2019

Maybe you’ve been thinking about making a big change in your house, particularly with its paint. That’s a brilliant thought! Be it bare or bold and old, there’s nothing a fresh new bucket of paint can’t do to up your interior’s look!

However, interior paint is more than creating Instagram-worthy walls. The paint colors you select could either let you go big or go home – too embarrassing shades. The colors you choose will affect what kind of furniture you can match it with, what kind of emotions it will evoke, and more.

That is why trending paint colors should be top priority for those of you who want to do some repainting. There’s obviously a reason why everybody’s fussing about them!

So what colors should you throw on your walls and which ones should you throw to the trash? Click here for more of the trending colors of the year!

The Absolutely AH-MAZING Paint Colors of 2019
Like we said, colors have a great impact on your home’s overall look and feel. Read on first and click here for more colors to add to your paint store checklist! See which color best suits you and your home!

Lilac Gray
Gray is a well-loved color when it comes to interior design. However, the classic gray shade we all are familiar with can be a recipe for monotony. This is why there are now all new options in shades of gray this year. Lilac gray is the one that has been gaining most of the attention amongst them all.

The combination of gray and lilac merges together calm and cheery, making a lovely end-product..

Lilac gray can be used to cover the walls of your living room, dining room, or even your bedroom.

When you want a fail-safe neutral option, you can totally put hazelnut on the number one spot in your list.

Similar to the delectable nut it takes its name from, the hazelnut paint color is a light shade of brown. The yellow and orange undertones that are so refined in the hazelnut shade are what give it its natural warm nature. Its neutral yet warm feel makes it suitable for any, if not all, of the rooms in your house, and you can click here for more ideas of styling those rooms.

Save it for later, we know what you initially thought. Pastels for your interior paint colors, seriously? On a serious note, when you tone them down a notch, pastels can really surprise you. Pastels are very light, soothing, and give a year-round summery feel.

Pairing up a classic pastel shade with a neutral elevates a minimalist room without making it look like a unicorn’s bedroom.

Be careful where you place your pastels, as they are for restrictive use. A kids room, perhaps. But please, don’t ever use pastels for your kitchen – click here for more reasons why.

These are only among the most talked-about and most used trendy paint colors in 2019. Don’t get bummed out just yet, click here for more!

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