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Drawing a line between given and Declined Consent

Relationships can seem easy from a distance until the moment you are in exclusive relationships with a significant other. Intimacy continues to be a hot topic, it’s advisable that partners take a moment and understand how their lovers are when it comes to it. Sex is like glue in a relationship, it needs to meet the expectation of both parties to make the whole union healthy. Communication is key in a relationship and intimacy as well, bottling issues that make you uncomfortable will eventually make that relationship fail. Intimacy calls for consent from both parties positive and affirmed consent.

The aspect of consent may sound enough but there is more to it, for instance, there are areas you would rather avoid with your partner. You have to watch out for enthusiastic consent between the two of you because that is the ultimate green light. Consent is all about respecting the wishes of your partner and sticking to activities that your partner is comfortable while remaining respectful all the while. Just because there is consent between two parties is not to mean that it is legal because body harm could results which is not something the victim would agree to when asked. You might come across couples that have legally binding contracts that stipulate their type of consent to each other. If these contracts are to be revealed, they would show what is acceptable and what is not acceptable from each of the individuals in the contract.

The contracts are in place to prevent sexual abuse of any kind between the partners, there are agreed safewords that are to be used when one of the partners feel uncomfortable at some point in intimacy. You can even come across short term contacts that don’t go longer than a few hours. Obtaining consent from partners to some may be misunderstood as portraying women as the gender that hates sex and men as the opposite but that is not the case. It is advisable to simplify everything around intimacy with your partner by just talking about it.

Today the dating scene has become a little bit more relaxed, people will meet online and address these issues venue before they get to the point they are intimate and that makes things clear for both parties going forward. It takes addressing the difference between consent given and that which has been denied so that you have healthy intimate relationships in the future with your partners. Asking your partner some questions when in the act wills serve to shed light on just about anything. Consent is ideal for both partners but more so for the society at large. A lot of sex crimes would be a thing of the past if awareness was created about consent.

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